Blackjack strategy

This section focuses on teaching you the best strategies for black jack.

Blackjack switch

It is similar to conventional blackjack, with few differences. It is played with two hands and you have the possibility of moving a card from one hand to another to multiply your chances of winning.

If the bank has a total of 22 points, it does not loose. There is a “virtual” equality.

If you have a blackjack, your bet is ‘only’ paid at 100% and not 150% as is the classic version.

Here are some blackjack charts meant to maximize your chances:

The legend means:

  • DD: double down = doubling
  • H: hit= asking for a card
  • S: stand
  • P: split
Blackjack switch

The double exposure blackjack

In this version, the dealer receives 2 cards in the first round. Players have much more information to make the right decision. The blackjack is paid at 100%. There is no equality, if the player has the same amount as the dealer, he loses.

The dealer can take another card on a 17 soft or stand.

The player has the right to double down after splitting his hand.

The player can split his cards once or various times.

There is no equality in this version, or it would give a very big advantage to players. Take a look at the blackjack strategy guide to make the right decision!

The double exposure blackjack

The legend means:

  • Ds: double or stand
  • SP/D: Split if you can or ask for a new card
  • SP/H: Split if you can double afterward, otherwise ask for a new card
  • > D: doubler or asking
  • Ds: doubling or standing
  • H: hit= taking another card
  • S: stand
  • P: split

This is part of the best strategies for black jack, but we have much more to teach you!

Traditional blackjack

This version is played with 6 decks of 52 cards. The players ask for their cards before the dealer does se. The risk of passing 21 before the bank is much higher. In such a version, it is important to have reliable strategies for black jack.

After taking the bets, the dealer gives one card to each player. He then takes one card before giving a second card to each player.

In this multi deck blackjack, players can then ask for another card or refuse it.

Gamblers are all competing with the bank, but do not face each other.

Here is a blackjack hit chart that will help you manage such a version of the game.

Traditional blackjack

How to count cards in blackjack

The most famous blackjack card counting strategy has been developed by Ed Thorp. Blackjack counting systems are essential if you want to be the master of the game!

Many people believe that counting cards is hard, but it is mostly memorization! You may ask “What is card counting in blackjack?” The idea is to divide cards among three different groups.

Here are the different groups and their value:

  • cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 = +1
  • cards 7, 8, 9 = 0
  • cards 10, valet, queen, king = -1

You have to count every card given by the dealer. If the total amount is positive, this is good news for you. If the total is null, there is no advantage for the bank or the player. If the total is negative, the casino has the advantage so you should not bet more.

This strategy allows you to know when to take risks or to stand. 


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